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Winner of Vote4TheBest Delicious Desserts contest, Jemalla James is the founder and head baker at Sweet Treats, Cakes & Pastries. We are a boutique-style bakery offering cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, specialty cakes, wedding cakes, and desserts.

Our History

Most loved steak house since 1985

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Loved by Many

My birthday cake was beautiful, not only was it beautiful but the cake was so good and moist!! It was like a party in my mouth and no one was invited!! I will highly recommend your services and will be coming back in the near future!!
Brittani Gardner
The very best homemade desserts especially the strawberry lemonade cookies, first try and it was absolutely delicious. The owner is so humble and shows appreciation to her every sell, the associate was very patient and both of them explained in detail of the variety of flavors offered. It’s so good to have someone that sales you something with love of their product, care and concern of your likes 👍. Keeping this business in prayer always
Saundia Cato
She never disappoints and just when you though she had the goods she be like nah let me show you!!!! Butter Pecan Cookies OMGoodnesssssssss!
La Rhonda Lewis

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